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The Ring of Wonder _ World of Darkness 『黑暗世界』 _ 《V:tM》5E资讯整合贴

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1. 主设计师为Kenneth Hite。
2. 艺术总监为Mary Lee,新版的画风将偏向写实。
3. 新版更强调“你有多饿”而不是“你有多少BP”。
4. 去年众筹成功的将作为旧版和新版剧情间的衔接点。
5. 血族的伪装将变得更为精妙,新版中血族作为吸血怪物和作为理想中真我的部分将分得更开。

The Gehenna Crusade:魔宴在中东开辟了新的游乐场——而他们戏弄的目标是所有派系。
The War of Ages: 由于年轻吸血鬼的鲁莽行径,秘盟愈加向秘密结社的方向靠拢。现在只有“行为得体”的血族才会被纳入秘盟。
The Second Inquisition: NSA和FBI中某些深藏的派系已经认识到这些“和毒贩、人贩、古代地产有层层关系”的生物确实需要顾虑。

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- Over 13K responses to the WW survey. 56% say they play a physical game — board, RPG, card — at least once a week.
-, which they're planning to turn into a big immersive user portal for WoD game players of all kinds. (Starting with the LARPers, because audience.) Analogous to and D&D Beyond. Open beta this summer.
- Storytellers Vault, a DM's Guild-like UGC program where people can publish fiction and game supplements—starting with all four prior editions of Vampire: the Masquerade. (50% author/publisher split of money; partnership with DriveThru.) Summer 2017.
Announcement of Tampa by Night (September 28-30, 2017), another in the series of WoD boutique events.
- By Night Studios: Changeling the Dreaming (the next LARP release)
- VTES Anthology — the first print set for the game in years — given to each attendee There will be V5 playtests at Gen Con and other upcoming events.
- Vampire: Fifth Edition will come out as one core rulebook—meant to imply cross-compatibility with other 5E games—and two standalone setting books: Camarilla and Anarch. The setting books will be deluxe, photo-illustrated, and useful as a setting bible for WoD stuff all around.
- The new Vampire continuity splits off with "Beckett's Jyhad Diary."
- System focused on species-specific traits.
- V5 tracks "hunger" rather than a blood pool.
- The Elder vampires have felt the call to the East, summoned to hidden temples to fight the Gehenna Wars. (Save those who succumb to diablerie and gorging themselves to stay.) The Sabbat have stalked after them. But that's largely offstage now.
- The Second Inquisition: Mortal intelligence agencies have discovered the nature of the Kindred and are using technology to hunt them down.
- Anarchs have been exiled from the Camarilla, along with Caitiff and thin-bloods. A new emphasis on the masquerade. City hierarchies are even more drastic. In the face of these challenges, Kindred society goes dark — vampire cities become more isolated, and there's a slow reversion to Dark Ages traditions.
- Werewolf: "Gaia is dying of fever." Impergium is "back on the table"
- Mage: There's a reason why vampires have a hard time using modern technology and the internet… "Colliding worldviews." Mage will come 3rd. "In a world where some of the most fantastic things in the book can now be ordered online…we have to step up our game. And, if AI has advanced as far as it has in our world…who runs the Technocracy?"
- Chronicles of Darkness: It continues. Ask Onyx Path, it's "their thing."
- Demon: "We'd love to bring it forward. Bring your pitches." Some other lines, like Wraith and -
- Changeling, may come out in different formats first.

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Posted by: Charles915 2017-06-11, 00:23

The Elder vampires have felt the call to the East
所以东方血族和浸染者的20周年版无望了? ph34r.gif 浸染者的创造者和东方血族有关系的说......

Posted by: TheFool 2017-06-14, 00:45

QUOTE(Charles915 @ 2017-06-11, 00:23) *

所以东方血族和浸染者的20周年版无望了? ph34r.gif 浸染者的创造者和东方血族有关系的说......

偏向性是肯定有的。是否要出东方取决于Onyx Path那边而不是白狼,不过现在看来可能性接近于0。

真的要期待的话,还是期待一下下个月的《Beckett's Jyhad Diary》吧......

Posted by: Charles915 2017-06-14, 01:13

QUOTE(TheFool @ 2017-06-14, 00:45) *

偏向性是肯定有的。是否要出东方取决于Onyx Path那边而不是白狼,不过现在看来可能性接近于0。

真的要期待的话,还是期待一下下个月的《Beckett's Jyhad Diary》吧......

Posted by: TheFool 2017-06-16, 06:40

V5 pre-alpha测试版已经放出,官网放出的压缩包见附件。测试版内容包括一份48页的规则档和一份56页的中篇模组。


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1s cancel 10s是什么……丢一个D10?


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