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The Ring of Wonder _ Florence Atelier 『佛罗伦萨绘室』 _ 【原创】The Commune

Posted by: Aletheia 2019-04-15, 10:29

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Aldr, an enclosed world on the inner surface of a globe. A core that lights up periodically is the only source of light and heat in this dim world. Under the grace of the core, people strive against each other and the upcoming doom.

Aldr, as described, is on the inner surface of a globe, which allows people live there to dig down infinitely for mines and stones, making metal and stone far more than abundant there. The core that emits light and heat is, however, unique and quintessential for survival. Thus, different powers built armadas of anti-gravitational ironclads, trying to gain control of the core.

-The core: A presumably artificial construct built by unknown entity/entities. There are signs showing that the core has been dimming down.

Background setting which is unknown to the people who live in Aldr:
The world was created by a semi 4-dimensional entity that is able to travel between realities. This entity, being able to alter matter, however, is unable to alter time. In other words, it follows the time flow. The core is merely the ember remained from its teleportation to other worlds.
Aldr is forsaken by its creator and destined to wither for aye.

Posted by: commissar 2019-04-15, 10:52

dig down infinitely是不是应该用dig up infinitely更好,因为人们生活在球体内壁?
为什么是997啊!不放假的公社不是好公社! canadian.gif

Posted by: Aletheia 2019-04-24, 11:41

QUOTE(commissar @ 2019-04-14, 19:52) *

dig down infinitely是不是应该用dig up infinitely更好,因为人们生活在球体内壁?
为什么是997啊!不放假的公社不是好公社! canadian.gif

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