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The Ring of Wonder _ World of Darkness 『黑暗世界』 _ [H:tR] 旧猎人5版即将推出

Posted by: Lord Ex 2021-10-15, 18:13


The main takeaway is that there is no more imbued any more, it seems to be more akin to Hunter the Vigil with disparate groups hunting. It includes Creeds as philosophies and approaches to hunting and Endowments that cover all kinds of powers, artifacts and even True Faith. It also seems to be a game about hope and taking back the world from the monsters.

Note: the description is short, the traditional Imbued might be a subtype but not explicitly mentioned? But not a lot of details was given.

It seems that the Imbued are definitely out. "The Imbued will not be carried over from the old game"
CCA: 55 minutes in

Posted by: sosgame67 2021-10-16, 18:44

群里吐槽过了这里再吐槽一次,没有信使没有浸染者的htr和htv有什么区别,这玩意不就是the hunters huntedIII嘛! mad.gif

Posted by: Lord Ex 2021-10-29, 15:16

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