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The Ring of Wonder _ Original World of Darkness 『终末之夜』 _ [索引] Vampire: The Masquerade

Posted by: inthel 2006-08-07, 11:43

[WW2023] [V:tM-CotN] Children of the Night

Introduction: How to Use This Book
Chapter One: Scions of the Sabbat
 The Black Hand
  Jalan-Aajav, Seraph of the Black Hand
  Izhim ur-Baal, Seraph of the Black Hand
  Elimelech the Twice-Damned, Seraph of the Black Hand
 The Sabbat Inquisition
  Velya the Vivisectionist and Elaine Cassidy, Cardinals of the Land Beyond the Forest
  Francisco Domingo de Polonia, Cardinal of the Eastern American Territories
 The Prisci
  Sascha Vykos, Caine's Angel
  Leila Monroe, Sabbat Crusader
 The Archbishops
  Ambrosio Luis Monçada
 Other Sabbat Cainites of Note
  Unre, Keeper of Golgotha
  Montgomery (Monty) Coven, The Once and Forever Prince
Chapter Two: Pillars of the Camarilla
 The Justicars
 The Archons
  Ilyana Ravidovich, Witness to Disaster
 Noteworthy Princes and Primogen
  Tara, Prince of San Diego
 Other Kindred of Note
  Karsh, Warlord of the Camarilla
  Harold Goodston, Pariah
Chapter Three: Independs and Inconnu
 Fatima al-Faqadi, the Hand of Vengeance
 Ambrogino Giovanni
 Al-Ashrad, Amr of Alamut
 Ur-Shulgi, the Shepherd
 Dracula, Son of the Dragon
 Dondinni, Monitor of Genoa

Posted by: inthel 2007-09-19, 23:54

[WW2057] [V:tM-C:Tr] Clanbook: Tremere

Introduction: Enlightened By the Darkness
Chapter One: The Beginning
 The Code of Tremere
Chapter Two: The Tremere Chronicles
Chapter Three: Inside the Tremere
Appendix: The Tremere Hierarchy

Posted by: inthel 2007-09-22, 12:36

[WW2225] [V:tM-SGttS] Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat

Chapter One: Inside the Sabbat
 The Sabbat Perspective
  Sabbat Lexicon
 Sabbat Clans
 The Structure of the Sabbat
 The Loyalist Movement
 The Black Hand
 The Sabbat Inquisition
 Sabbat History
 The Sabbat of Today
 Sabbat Ideology
 The Holy Crusades
 The Achilles' Heels of the Sabbat
Chapter Two: Running with the Sabbat
Chapter Three: Character Creation
 Assamite Antitribu
 Panders (Caitiff)
Chapter Four: The Paths of Enlightenment
 The Path of Death and the Soul
 The Path of Honorable Accord
 The Path of Power and the Inner Voice
Chapter Five: Sabbat Traits
Chapter Six: Sabbat Templates
Appendix One: Unusual Weapons for Vampire
Appendix Two: Sabbat Relics and Magical Devices

Posted by: Dabus 2007-09-24, 00:51

[WW2251] [V:tM-tBoN] The Book of Nod

Introduction: How to use the Book of Nod
A Brief Word on the Chronicle of Caine
The Chronicle of Caine
A Brief Word on the Chronicle of Shadows
The Chronicle of Shadows
A Brief Word on the Chronicle of Secrets
The Chronicle of Secrets
Appendix: The Known History of the First City

Posted by: inthel 2007-09-24, 01:03

[WW2265] [V:tM-NoP] Nights of Prophecy

 Fun with Metaplot
 Case Studies: What's new in the World of Darkness
  The Craving
  Sabbat Problems
  The Camarilla Resurgence
  New York: A Hell of a Town!
  Mere Anarchy?
  The Strange Case of the Tremere Antitribu
  Troubling Letters
Chapter One: The Return of the Succubus Club
Chapter Two: Walking after Midnight
Chapter Three: To Grandmother's House
Chapter Four: The Hunters Hunted
Chapter Five: House of Lies

Posted by: inthel 2007-09-24, 01:57

[WW2300] [V:tM/R] Vampire: The Masquerade (revised ed.)

Prologue: A Gathering of Beasts
Chapter One: A World of Darkness
 Ancient Lore
Chapter Two: Clans and Sects
Chapter Three: Character and Traits
 Personality Archetypes: Nature and Demeanor
Chapter Four: Disciplines (Another Version)
Chapter Five: Rules
Chapter Six: Systems and Drama
 States of Being
Chapter Seven: A History of the Kindred
Chapter Eight: Storytelling
Chapter Nine: Antagonists
Epilogue: Under the Horns of Blood

Posted by: inthel 2007-09-26, 21:47

[WW2361] [V:tM-C:Tz/R] Clanbook: Tzimisce (revised ed.)

Introduction: Winter Fiend
Chapter One: A Rabble of Fiends
 Tzimisce Lexicon
 The Progenitor's Legacy
Chapter Two: Ego and Evolution
Chapter Three: Among Fiends

Posted by: inthel 2007-12-17, 01:10

[WW2428] [V:tM-CC:tBH] Caine's Chosen: The Black Hand

Introduction: Mysterious Ways
 A Black Hand Lexicon
Chapter One: Movements of an Unseen Hand (History)
 The Lost Tribe
  The Weeping Stone
  The Crescent
 The Anarch Revolt
  The Lasombra Diablerie
Chapter Two: Form Follows Function
Chapter Three: Tactics and Methodology
Chapter Four: We Are Legion (Characters)
Chapter Five: Storytelling
Appendix: Personalities

Posted by: inthel 2008-02-02, 00:45

[WW2432] [V:tM-CtB] Chaining the Beast

Prologue: The End of Innocence
Chapter One: The Right Road Lost
Chapter Two: Rigors of the Way
Chapter Three: Paths of Englightment
 Path of Metamorphosis
 Minor Paths of Englightment
  Path of Self-Focus
Chapter Four: Knowing the Way
Appendix: Fellow Travelers

Posted by: inthel 2008-10-04, 03:16

[WW2900] [KotE] Kindred of the East (YotL)

Introduction: Behind the Wall
Chapter One: The Hungry Dead
 The Origins of the Kuei-Jin
 The Great Cycle Of Being
Chapter Two: The Second Breath
Chapter Three: The Ten Thousand Things
Chapter Four: Forces in the Land
Chapter Five: Arts of the Kuei-jin
Chapter Six: The Middle Kingdom
Chapter Seven: Storytelling
Chapter Eight: Rivals and Barbarjans

Posted by: inthel 2009-08-04, 13:03

[WW2999] [V:tM-G] Gehenna (ToJ)

Prelude: Ouroboros
Introduction: The Beginning of the End
Chapter One: The Final Nights
 The Signs of Gehenna
Chapter Two: Wormwood
Chapter Three: Fair is Foul
Chapter Four: Nightshade
Chapter Five: The Crucible of God
Chapter Six: Storytelling
Appendix: Characters
 Hesha Ruhadze
 Jan Pieterzoon, Childe of the Camarilla
 Calebros, the Erstwhile Prince

Posted by: inthel 2009-12-08, 02:02

[WW2302] [V:tM-GttC] Guide to the Camarilla

Roulette: A Cautionary Tale
The Basics in Blood: The Sect Defined
Thin Traceries of Blood: The Clans
From the Beginning: Character Creation
Powers Beyond Understanding: Advanced Disciplines
  The Green Path
  Weather Control
The Rhythm of Immortality: Tactics and Systems
The City By Night: Building Your Setting
Tales of Imagination and Mystery: Storytelling
Allies, Enemies and Others

Posted by: inthel 2009-12-20, 00:18

[WW2304] [V:tM-VSH/R] Vampire Storytellers Handbook (revised ed.)

Chapter One: The Undead
Chapter Two: Among the Nights
 True Brujah
 New Disciplines
Chapter Three: The Storyteller's Craft
Chapter Four: The Troupe
Chapter Five: Alternate Settings
Chapter Six: A World of Darkness
Chapter Seven: The Black Hand

Posted by: inthel 2010-02-24, 16:19

[WW2250] [V:tM-WWaV:CotI] Who’s Who among Vampires: Children of the Inquisition

Vlad Tepes: Dracula
Rafael De Corazon
Durga Syn

Posted by: inthel 2010-11-18, 15:12

[WW2817] [V:tDA-C:B] Clanbook: Baali

Chapter One: The Opening
Chapter Two: Dissonant Echoes
Chapter Three: Descent into Darkness
Chapter Four: A Hideous Throng
Appendix: To Reign in Hell
Appendix II: Of Interest to Scholars and Chirurgeons

Posted by: inthel 2012-03-26, 10:11

[WW2400] [V:tM-EH] Eternal Hearts

A Word From the Developer
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Twenty-Five
Chapter Twenty-Six
Chapter Twenty-Seven

Posted by: inthel 2012-10-08, 15:13

[WW2353] [V:tM-C:M/R] Clanbook: Malkavian (revised ed.)

A Brief Procedure
Chapter One: The Tower of Babel
Chapter Two: Inside Bedlam
Chapter Three: Shards of a Broken Mirror
 Power Players
  Alessio Rinaldi, the Peacock Prince
  Dr. Douglas Netchurch

Posted by: inthel 2013-09-23, 12:13

[WW2359] [V:tM-C:A/R] Clanbook: Assamite (revised ed.)

Introduction: From the Treaty of Tyre
Chapter One: How Quickly We Forgot
 The First Nights
  The Second Baali Conflict
Chapter Two: Prayers to Broken Stone
Chapter Three: Sons and Daughters of Haqim

Posted by: inthel 2013-09-24, 19:07

[WW2006] [V:tM-DSotBH] Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand

Chapter One: You Are One of Us Now!
 The Origins of the Black Hand
Chapter Two: Unlife Within the Black Hand
Chapter Three: The Blood of Our Own
Chapter Four: Building Better Bastards
Chapter Five: Enoch, The City Caine Built
Chapter Six: Templates
Appendix One: Those You Should Fear
Appendix Two: The Hidden Agenda

Posted by: inthel 2013-11-09, 22:46

[WW2055] [V:tM-tPGttS] The Player’s Guide to the Sabbat

Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Sabbat Chronicles
Chapter Three: Politics of the Sabbat
 The Code of Milan
Chapter Four: The Forces of Darkness
Chapter Five: Storytellers Aids
Chapter Six: Quick Start Materials
Chapter Seven: The Stories

Posted by: inthel 2013-11-20, 10:50

[WW2354] [V:tM-C:N/R] Clanbook: Nosferatu (revised ed.)

Food Chain
Chapter One: Legends and History
 The Earliest Nights
Chapter Two: Inside Clan Nosferatu
Chapter Three: Nosferatu Characters
 Venerable Nosferatu

Posted by: inthel 2013-11-20, 10:58

[WW2203] [V:tM-CbN/2] Chicago by Night (2nd ed.)

Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: History
Chapter Three: Geography
Chapter Four: The Kindred
Chapter Five: The Coteries
Appendix: Politics

Posted by: inthel 2014-02-01, 20:47

[V:tM-20th] Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition

Fly Page
Book One - The Riddle
 Chapter One: A World of Darkness
 Chapter Two: Sects and Clans
Book Two - The Becoming
 Chapter Three: Character and Traits
 Chapter Four: Disciplines
 Chapter Five: Rules
 Chapter Six: Systems and Drama
  Dramatic Systems
  Spending Willpower
  Using Blood Pool
  Combat Systems
  States of Being
   Blood Bond
    The Vaulderie
  Example of Play
 Chapter Seven: Morality
Book Three - The Permutations
 Chapter Eight: Storytelling
 Chapter Nine: The Others
 Chapter Ten: Bloodlines
  Variations of the Blood
   Sabbat Antitribu
  Other Bloodlines
   Merits and Flaws

Posted by: inthel 2014-11-26, 18:44

[WW2822] [V:tDA-C:S] Clanbook: Salubri

Fly Page
Chapter One: A Winter's Tale
Chapter Two: The Triumvirate
Chapter Three: Miscellanea Et Demonica
Chapter Four: The Powers of the Righteous
Chapter Five: The Hosts of Heaven
Appendix One: The Dwindling Few
Appendix Two: A Historical Note, of Interest to Scholars and Slanderers

Posted by: inthel 2015-01-26, 14:11

[WW2808] [V:tDA-TbN] Transylvania by Night

Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: A Land Bedecked in Darkness
Chapter Three: Cities and Settlements of the East
Chapter Four: The Cainites of Eastern Europe
Chapter Five: The Children of the Night
Chapter Six: Born of Magick: The Tremere
Chapter Seven: Storytelling
Chapter Eight: Denizens of Darkness
Appendix: Slaves of the Viovodes and other Miscellany

Posted by: inthel 2018-04-08, 19:22

[WW2303] [V:tM-GttS] Guide to the Sabbat

Introduction: Smart Money's on Vegas
Chapter One: The Sword of Caine
 The Convention of Thorns
Chapter Two: Around the Fires
 Salubri Antitribu
Chapter Three: Sons and Daughters
Chapter Four: The Gifts of Caine
Chapter Five: Codes of the Night
Chapter Six: Chronicles of Blood
Chapter Seven: In the Fiends' Lair
Appendix: Allies, Antagonists and Others

Posted by: inthel 2018-05-24, 15:13

[FS4005] [V:tM-WB:WbN] Wiener Blut: Wien bei Nacht

Geschichten in Wien

Posted by: TheFool 2018-07-13, 09:11

[WW11910] [V:tM-G:tFN] Gehenna: The Final Night

Prologue: Twilight
Part One: Nightfall
Part Two: Midnight
Part Three: The Witching Hour
Epilogue: Dawn


Posted by: 河伯大君 2019-08-07, 17:13

[WW2818] [V:tM-EF] The Erciyes Fragments

Fly Page
I. Genesis
II. Lilith
III. Temptations
IV. Enoch
V. Lamentations
VI. Transgressions
VII. Commandments
VIII. Prophecies
IX. Proverbs
Epilogue One
Epilogue Two

Posted by: 河伯大君 2019-08-08, 16:35

[WW2021] [V:tM-G:tFA] Ghouls: the Fatal Addiction

Fiction: Blood Is Thicker
Introduction: The First Taste
Chapter One: A Clockwork Crimson
Chapter Two: Masters and Servants?
Chapter Three: Character Creation
 Merits and Flaws
Chapter Four: Storytelling
Chapter Five: Templates

Posted by: 河伯大君 2019-11-29, 05:18

[WW2220] [V:tM-AWoD] A World of Darkness

The Britsh Isles
 The Kine
 The Kindred
Europe By Night
 Hunedora Castle
Hong Kong
The Vampire Club

Posted by: Lord Ex 2020-06-04, 00:59

[WW2922] [KotE] Heresies of the Way

Chapter One: The Flame of the Rising Phoenix
Chapter Two: The Tempest of the Inward Focus
Chapter Three: The Face of the Gods
Chapter Four: The Spirit of the Living Earth
Chapter Five: The Scorpion Eaters
 The Scorpion Eaters
 Scorpion Dreams
 The Sting of the Scorpion
 Bile Shintai

Posted by: Lord Ex 2020-06-04, 01:28

[WW2226] [V:tM-AWoDSE] A World of Darkness Seond Edition

Chapter One: Home of the Brave: North America by Night
Chapter Two: The Caribbean In Darkness
Chapter Three: El Baile De Sangre: Central and South America
Chapter Four: The British Isles
  Roman Britain
  The Dark Ages
  The Vikings
  Norman and Medieval England
  The Tudors
  The Stuarts
  The Civil War
  The House of Hanover
  The Victorian Era
  The 20th century
 The Kine
 The Kindred of Britain
 The Fiefs
 The Clans
 Characters of Note
 Carfax Abbey: an Anarch Rendezvous
Chapter Five: Tales of the Old Country: Europe by Night
Chapter Six: Desert Winds: Arabia by Night
Chapter Seven: The Forgotten Kingdom: Egypt
Chapter Eight: Africa: The Dark Continent
Chapter Nine: Strangers: The Kindred of Asia
Chapter Ten: Australia by Night

Posted by: 河伯大君 2021-11-01, 04:43

[WW2101] [Vt:M-ToTB] Time of Thin Blood

Prelude: Unto Us a Child is Born
Introduction: The Dark Seed
Chapter One: Twice Damned
Chapter Two: Alas, That Great City
Chapter Three: A Stain on the Soul
Chapter Four: Written in Red
Chapter Five: New Blood
Appendix: The Week of Nightmare

Posted by: 河伯大君 2021-11-12, 02:48

[V:tM-20th-DA] Vampire Twentieth Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages

Chapter One: A Place in Time (interlude)
Chapter Two: The Clans of Caine
Chapter Three: The Roads
Chapter Four: Character Creation
Chapter Five: Disciplines
Chapter Six: Rules
Chapter Seven: Dramatic Systems
Chapter Eight: Storytelling
Chapter Nine: The Dark Medieval World
Appendix A: Merits and Flaws
Appendix B: Apocrypha of the Clans

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