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New Posts Corpus Juris of Planes: General TRPGs 『位面法典』
And God said let there be dice, and there were dice.

Subforums: TRPG Columns 『TRPG专栏』, TRPG Tools 『TRPG工具』, Individual Demiplanes 『个人位面』

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In: 【模组】【魔王之...
By: oldsanke
New Posts 7th Sea 『七海』
This is a game of high adventure, mystery, and action.
This is a game of intrigue and romance.
This is 7th Sea.

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In: 章节三:塑造英雄
By: Cheer!
New Posts Dungeons & Dragons 『龙与地下城』
And let's not forget that even though we are talking about a world of basilisks, knights, and talking trees, Dungeons and Dragons can help us make new stories out of the very world around us.

Subforums: D&D Worlds 『D&D世设』, D&D Rules 『D&D规则』, D&D Logs 『D&D战报』, CN World 『EN World要闻编译』

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In: 【施工中】鸦阁魔...
By: 河伯大君
New Posts Exalted 『擢颂』
"A sword is only as strong as the soul beneath its steel."

- Eternal Nova

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In: [实验团]幻梦陵墓(...
By: Sypheros
New Posts Generic Universal RolePlaying System 『泛用无界角色扮演系统』
You can be anyone you want - an elf hero fighting for the forces of good, a shadowy femme fatale on a deep-cover mission, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a force sword... or literally anything else.

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In: 泛统——克苏鲁朋克
By: sunxve
New Posts Glorantha 『格罗安萨』
I woke up alone and traveled through the broken world.
I met with the Second Son and acquired the Star Heart.
I went beyond the world and confronted Chaos.
I cast it back and separated the Living from the Dead.
I returned home and I am the Argrath.

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In: 【漫画】Prince of Sart...
By: Xlikely
New Posts Pathfinder 『开拓者』
Destiny is not always a burden. It can lighten the heart and fire the soul.

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In: 【译】【小说】死...
By: wrhunter
New Posts Powered by the Apocalypse 『啟示錄引擎』


4 0 Last Post 2020-11-09, 19:14
In: 暗夜冷鋒(Blades in t...
By: wayne930242
New Posts Savage Worlds 『狂野世界』
Fast, Furious, and Fun!

Subforums: Savage Pathfinder RPG 『狂野世界·探索者』

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In: 【扩展】【SWAG】战...
By: 白药君
New Posts Scion 『神嗣』
What are men?
Mortal gods.
What are gods?
Immortal men.

- Heraclitus

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In: [Scion 1E - Hero] 人物...
By: yeah
New Posts World of Darkness 『黑暗世界』
There are demon-haunted worlds, regions of utter darkness. Whoever in life denies the Spirit falls into that darkness of death.

- Isa Upanishad

Subforums: Original World of Darkness 『终末之夜』, Chronicles of Darkness 『十字路口』, Praise Night 『暗夜礼赞』

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In: 关于该隐……
By: xtw247

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