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> deso日常任务Ultra Hard Work简介, Fingledrell tasks--Ultra Hard Work
2018-05-09, 18:14
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Fingledrell tasks:建议全部point都做Ultra Hard Work获得就行。目前有两个地方,任务难度用*标记。
任务地点1:continent of Desolathya. (Coordinates: 309x, 54y; Global: 7290x, 9065y)
任务地点Meadowshire:continent of Desolathya. (Coordinates: 257x, 313y; Global: 7238x, 9324y)
nw--Tobias Underbough, tool vendor
ne--Glendia Bloomfield, produce vendor and brewer
sw--Fiana Bramblebrook, general merchandise merchant
se--Marvin Willowroot, butcher and animal handler
2ne--Brigga Tallthistle, accountant and treasurer of Meadowshire
2nw--Cobb Lettucepatch, farming coordinator
2sw-- Yorgen Threshwell, Meadowshire guard captain
e方向 orchard, cornfield and pasture三个门里面8个hobbit。ent也在这。
有10多个小hobbit可以nooff直接清理掉。全部怪清理掉大概每天800k exp,tune很好。
站在ent那参考脚本'money' is a command-alias to 'orchard;8 pick fruit;n;8 pick fruit;e;8 pick fruit;s;8 pick fruit;w;out;cornfield;8 pick corn;n;8 pick corn;e;8 pick corn;s;8 pick corn;w;out;nw;20 sell corn;20 sell fruit;'.

**任务:Loot the Meadowshire Warehouse
The hobbits of Meadowshire are trying to make a deal with the Efiilas, earning
our wrath. You're going to hit them where it hurts, namely, their stash of
supplies. Find a way to get inside their warehouse and take everything of
value you find. We don't care what you do with it, but leave them with
攻略:Tobias和Brigga都会掉钥匙,干掉捡起来,在marvin地方unlock door然后se进门rummage,大概要持续2分钟左右,提示之后回去ask Fingledrell about done完成。

*任务:Kill Meadowshire farmers
We cannot allow the Efiilas to gain through deals with somethin as trivial as
a farm filled with unarmed hobbits. Show Meadowshire the error of their ways
by murdering as many of their farmers and shepherds as you can find. Even if
they don't get the message, their production will plummet. Either way, we win.
Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the
questgiver to restart it.
攻略: orchard, cornfield 里面一共8个hobbit,全干掉完成。

**任务:Rob the Meadowshire shops
We don't know what the Efiilas want from the shops in Meadowshire, but they've
been headin that way with large piles of cash, repeatedly. It's time to sow
the seeds of mistrust. Steal an item from each shop in Meadowshire, and make
sure the shopkeepers don't see you do it. If this works, they'll assume it was
the Efiilas, and any deals they have will be broken. Bring me the stolen items
for records.
攻略:干掉Tobias,Glendia,Fianastea,Marvin四个人后,每个地方steal收集4捡东西,回去give xxx to Fingledrell完成。60k左右。

***任务:Convince the Meadowshire leaders to defect
We have learned that the higher-ups in the Meadowshire civil service have
agreed to a good deal with the Efiilas...but not us. This is an unacceptable
situation. Go visit them and break the deal. Bribe them, threaten them, lie to
them or convince them that they've made a poor choice. And, if all else fails,
you could just murder the lot of them.


**任务:Sabotage the Meadowshire Fountain
Meadowshire is a little nothing, a farm run by hobbits. We made them a
perfectly good, almost fair offer for their crops, and they turned us down,
siding instead with the Efiilas. Such insults are unforgivable, but a full-out
assault will only bring sympathy to the Efiilas and therefore more allies.
You'll need to handle this quietly. Meadowshire has only one real source of
water, the fountain in the plaza. Poison it. Be creative, but be cautious.
This item is in excellent condition.
攻略:找商人切割6个400gem(这里感谢roak告知,要不我一辈子也试不出来)一块的gold nugget,在中间6 dump gold into fountain完成。我一般找老moor切个20个nugget放身上差不多够用一个月。

*任务:Survey the Meadowshire shops and buy the best stuff
The Efiilas have been making a deal with the village of Meadowshire, and
they're bringing a lot of money with them. We need information on what they're
getting, and just as importantly, we can't let them get the good stuff without
us. Take this survey form, head for Meadowshire, and survey all the shops
there. Also, buy the most expensive item in each shop, and hand them over with
the survey, just to be sure.

****任务:Kill the Ent Cargo Carrier in Meadowshire
The Efiilas are trying to build up their forces, are making alliances to do
it. The village of Meadowshire has agreed to supply them with a large supply
of food for their soldiers and refugees, a step up we cannot allow them to
take. But they can't eat what doesn't make it back to base. Kill their cargo
carrying ent worker, and it will slow things to a crawl.
Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the
questgiver to restart it.
攻略:a massive ent, loaded up with crates在fountain东边。150k左右。会扔箱子,打起来费劲,防御不高建议就放弃吧。最短的一次打了20分钟,长的一次两个半小时。意义不大。

****任务:Kill the Efiilas Emissary and Guards in Meadowshire
The Efiilas have sent a diplomat to make ties with the locals, no doubt
begging for scraps of food. So unbecoming of royalty. You can kill a bunch of
birds with one stone here. Murder the diplomat and any guards in broad
daylight, ending any ties and scaring the citizens of Meadowshire away from
making a pact later.
攻略:杀那三个游荡的guard,运气好的话能碰到trace的guard,引过来可单杀。要60-80k /guard。

*任务:Load up on Meadowshire food
They say an army runs on its stomach. Right now, the Efiilas are trying to run
their army on Meadowshire food. We want it more. Cut the Efiilas supply by
bringing us twenty pieces of Meadowshire produce -- fruit, grains, meat,
whatever they have -- so that we can feed our mercenaries and workers while
the Efiilas go hungry.

任务地点2:Duergar Temple(Coordinates: 264x, 141y; Global: 7245x, 9152y)
任务地点 'Green Highlands [264,141]', which is on the continent of Desolathya. (Coordinates: 264x, 141y; Global: 7245x, 9152y)
任务怪介绍:左上角3个aggro fire elemental,3个绿字elemental。1个merchant
*****任务:Kill the Duergar Temple Summoner
We've received word of a growing threat: a Duergar Temple, led by a demon
worshipper. Demon worship is bad enough, but in this case, it drives these
duergar closer to our enemies, the Syggax. That connection must be cut. Find
the head of the temple and kill him.
攻略:最南边的房间80k左右,70%血刷两个小怪,trace出来打,50%还会刷两个小怪,30k左右。summoner有个dot跟tick一个频率持续20分钟,每30秒减50hp 15ep。不影响camp和tick。

待研究:Supply the Resistance in the Duergar Temple
Just as we've arrived and are looking to recruit aid, so are our enemies. In
particular, the Syggax have found allies in the nearby Duergar Temple. Lucky
for us, some of them aren't demon-worshipping sickos and are fighting back.
Find this Resistance and get them whatever supplies they need most. Feel free
to subcontract, but don't bother filing an expense report. We pay you enough
as it is.

*****任务:Kill the Captured Giant in the Duergar Temple
We've gotten word of a nearby Duergar Temple, an outpost the dark dwarves are
putting together. Their love of demon worship have driven them to our enemies,
the Syggax. Worse, they're a credible local threat. They've captured a fire
giant, probably to use against us, but we're not willing to sit around and
wait to find out. Kill the giant and report back.
Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the
questgiver to restart it.
攻略:杀掉刷新的5个guard,然后杀giant 100多k

****任务:Destroy 3 Fire Elementals in the Duergar Temple
An outpost of duergar, not too far away, has reached out to us. While they
have an alliance with the Syggax, some of the duergar think the benefits are
too one-sided. Case in point, there are some fire elementals in the outpost,
and while they're currently contained, it's not a permanent situation. Earn us
some credit with them by destroying the elementals for us.
Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the
questgiver to restart it.
攻略:任务是杀3个 elemental其实杀一个就行80-100k。注意怪会放大bleed -100-150血每跳,700学左右,注意控制血线。

待研究:Exploit the Duergar Temple Mess Hall
This might be a different kind of challenge. We know there's a Duergar Temple
nearby, and they're working to supply the Syggax with weapons. We also know a
temple tucked away in a cave will have finite resources, including food.
You're going to use that to our advantage. Head to the temple and cook the
duergar a gourmet Feldspar meal worthy of a master chef, showing them how much
better it would be to have us as allies. Or, if you prefer, you could find
their food supplies and poison them. Choice is yours. Pay's the same.
This item is in excellent condition.
It looks very light weight.

待研究:Sabotage the Duergar Temple Workroom
There's a group of duergar that came to our attention recently. It seems they
made a deal with the Syggax to manufacture weapons for them. Due to their
shared demon worship, we were unable to buy them out. But, the Syggax are
impulsive and impatient. Any delay could give them reason to break the
contract themselves. Find where they're putting the weapon shipment together
and sabotage their operation. Stealing their supplies and breaking their forge
should do it.

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