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> 对SCP/克苏鲁/战锤感兴趣朋友我斗胆说两句, 真的是斗胆
2019-01-02, 17:23
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嗯~o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o其实就是我建立了三个WeChat群,希望TROW的各位盆友看到的话可以加我,我来拉各位入群。

After careful consideration, I decide to crawl out my hiding place and step into light. Yes, I am actually doing it! I am setting up three WeChat groups, each for a different and unique purpose.

Adeptus Warhammer Lexicanum

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war...and the everlasting laughter of Dark Gods.

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This WeChat group is designed for 40K Lore oriented discussion, including but not limited to Horus Heresy, God Emperor of Mankind, 10 Good Reasons to Join Chaos Now, codex discussion, is Lion secretly a traitor, Primaris Space Marines, why 1d4chan is the best warhammer wikia and more.

Adeptus Cthulhu Deum

With strange eons, even death itself may die.

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This WeChat group is designed for Cthulu Mythos related materials, anything that please the Old Ones are welcome here. Including but not limited to Lovecraft, Bloodborne, human sacrifice, cult and the insignificance of mankind.

Adeptus SCP Obscurum


Order is to be discarded like a humanoid melting like clams on the breakfast table. Order is the way of villains. True good is the formless void, melting and writhing and corrupting. You happy yet?

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This WeChat group is designed for SCP universe discussion. Who does not like Sci Fiction horror? Yes, I mean horror. In my humble opinion, the key reason for SCP’s popularity is because sometimes it can scare the sh*t of you. There will be some controversial materials in this group, view discretion is advised. You have been warned, foundation researcher.

So that’s it, three WeChat groups for three grim, bleakly universe. In case you are wondering what does the word “Adeptus” actually mean...please excuse me for being such a warhammer40K lover.

If you are interested, please add “XiaoyangTangWX”in WeChat. Thank you for your time.

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