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> 2周年庆升级预告
2019-11-20, 08:41
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Dominions 5 Jubilee Update

To celebrate the two year anniversary of Dominions 5 on November 27th, we will release an update with two brand new nations. Ind, the Magnificent Kingdom of Exalted Virtue and Na'Ba, Queens of the Desert.

Ind is a fabled kingdom of marvelous riches hidden beyond heathen lands, based on the medieval myths of Prester John. In Ind every soldier is a priest, every priest is a bishop and every noble is a King.

Na'Ba is a hidden kingdom from which traders with silver tongues travel far and wide with luxurious wares imbued with ancient magic. Na'Ba is a nation inspired by preislamic arabic kingdoms and the nabateans of Petra. It is a land of men and giants ruled by descendants of the Jinnun of Ubar.

The update will also feature a remade Ghost Ship Armada global as well as a bunch of new features, fixes and new modding capabilities.
2019-11-26, 08:17
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New nations in the upcoming patch

Upcoming patch with new nations - Ind and Na’Ba

In the upcoming patch two new nations with some thematic similarities are introduced. They both share the new mechanic ‘hiding dom’ that was given to the global Fata Morgana in the last patch (the nations were not finished at the time).

Ind - Magnificent Kingdom of Exalted Virtue

Ind is based on medieval conceptions of a marvellous kingdom in a distant land ruled by a pious king called Presbyter Iohannes, Prester John. At first I envisioned the nation with later medieval ideas in mind, influenced by ethiopian kingdoms as well as Sheba/Saba of Yemen, but as ideas on Na’Ba took form Ind ended up more heavily influenced by the earliest texts on Prester John placing him in India or Ind. His kingdom in described in marvellous terms as a bastion of faith surrounded by heathen lands of wonders subjugated by the Prester King. The marvels attributed to the kingdom can unfortunately not be fully conveyed to Dominions, although we have probably gone farther to incorporate ideas into this nation than any previous one.

Hidden Kingdom: The dominion of Ind hides ownership and province names, just like Fata Morgana.
Great Mirror: Home site that allows scrying on nearby lands (range 3). Ind can’t recruit scouts in their capital.

Virtuos Piety: The inhabitants of Ind are pious in the extreme. There are priests everywhere. All regular commanders are also high ranking priests. Even regular soldiers are priests and are able to bless themselves in battle (home only units are autoblessed and don’t need priests to be blessed). Ind can also recruit one extra sacred unit per temple built.

Land of righteous virtue: Magnificent ind is a marvel of peace and prosperity. Even though the neighboring lands are savage and wild, Ind itself is a bastion of peace and piety. The order scale in Ind is always 3, regardless of the dominion settings. It is possible to dump the order scale and still get 3 order in the home province (although this might interfere with recruitment of foreign units). On the other hand the turmoil scale increases the number of auto-recruited savages.

Limited recruitment and increased sacred recruitment: Since all regular troops in Ind are sacred there is a hard limit on the number of troops that can be recruited at home. It is probably not a good idea to have a low dominion score unless you intend to focus on subservient kingdoms and heathens. On the other hand Ind can recruit one extra sacred unit per temple built.

Savage tribes: Magnificent Ind doesn’t fight their own wars, instead neighboring tribes of heathen cannibals fight for the Prester King.

Foreign-recruited Viceroy Primate (slow to recruit P3) and Bishop Vicomtes (P2) that can auto-recruit cannibals and reduce unrest where they dwell. Also taxcollectors.

Auto-recruited (by Viceroys and Vicomtes) cheap cannibals that are good at pillaging. Causes unrest. A high turmoil scale increases the number of heathens spawned.
Foreign recruitable blood mages that cause unrest and are heretic.

Subservient kingdoms: There are lesser kingdoms serving Ind. Depending on terrain one random poptype becomes available with a fort present in the province.

Plain, farm and some mountain provinces gives either:
- Queens, Lady Warriors and Sorceresses of the Great Feminie. Skilled regular troops, but probably hard to recruit in numbers if you have a turmoil dominion.
- Little horned men of Piconye. Similar to hoburgs, but do not have crossbows. Province is attacked by birds every year. Their king is supposed to take care of the birds.

Highlands, caves and some mountain provinces gives:
- Cynocephalians and the cynocephalian tribes of Gog and Magog. Gog chieftain mages and Magog shamen. Also gives Viceroys and Vicomtes. Probably the strongest/most efficient troops at Inds disposal.

Wastelands gives:
- Giants trapped by a divine decree. These are on par with anakites, but they are not sacred and suffer from home sicknesses and are ill fit for expansion or warfare.

Forests gives:
- Knights, soldiers and crossbows of Great Orionde along with enslaved satyrs and centaurs.

Marvelous beasts: Ind has access to a unique summon.
Yllerion: something like a phoenix
Great Huntresses can auto-recruit lions of strange colors.

Ancestry of Kokabel: The sages of Ind trace their lore back to the ancient lore of the Spheres once revealed by the Lords of Civilization (reference to the three chaldean magi supposed to have taught Prester John his lore). Ind has access to the celestial summons of Ashdod and Release Lord of Civilization.

Na’Ba - Queens of the Desert

Na’Ba is a nation inspired mainly by three sources, the Nabataeans who built Petra; the pre-islamic arabic kingdoms, most notably Saba with the Great Dam of Ma’Rib and Himyar; and finally some islamic ideas of the giants of ‘Ad merged with the Avvites of Hinnom to create more of a backstory in the Dominions setting. Idols and Betyls, God Blocks, appear in nabataean as well as other pre-islamic arabic religions, but I also wanted a flavor of One Thousand and One Nights and arabic ideas on the Jinn in the nation. While most of the concepts of the Jinn will appear at a later date in the early age nation of Ubar, these ideas are present in the backstory of Na’Ba. The unexpected find of the islamic prophet Hud and the giants of ’Ad made me place more focus on the Avvite/Hinnomite legacy in the backstory of the nation.

Na’Ba is a more conventional nation than Ind. They might play a bit like Vanheim, Tir na n’Og and the likes with glamoured sacreds.

Hidden Kingdom: The dominion of Na’Ba hides ownership and province names, just like Fata Morgana.
Glamour: The Jann have glamour and are undetectable in their lands.

Obfuscate: The Jiniri Queens can hide their entourage just like if they had a gossamer cloth.
Vulnerability to Iron: Jann and Jinn are vulnerable to iron and take additional damage from iron weapons (1 point for jann, 2 for Malikah and 3 for trueblooded jinn summons). This trait is also added to the Sidhe, Tuatha and Morgen (1 point). They get +1 att to compensate for their loss.

These traits are a reminiscent of the truly unseen Jinnun of Ubar, the EA predecessor of Na’Ba that might appear in the next update.

National Summons: There are several rituals to summon different forms of Jinnun. These are the remnants of Old Ubar. Some of them are summoned with blood magic, which Na’Ba doesn’t normally have access to.

Foreign recruits: stealthy human camel riders and archers. Mages and priests of lower skills.
Cheap labs: 250 gold

Idol focus: A prevalence and rebate of stone blocks and statues among possible pretenders and a rebate to the ‘stone idol’ item.

2019-11-26, 09:37
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New nations in the upcoming patch
Upcoming patch with new nations - Ind and Na’Ba
In the upcoming patch two new nations with some thematic similarities are introduced. They both share the new mechanic ‘hiding dom’ that was given to the global Fata Morgana in the last patch (the nations were not finished at the time).
在下一个补丁中,两个主题相似的新国家会加入游戏,他们都拥有同样的“隐藏神域”特殊机制,这在之前补丁加入的全球结界海市蜃楼 (Fata Morgana)中就已经出现(那时这两个国家还没完成)
Ind - Magnificent Kingdom of Exalted Virtue
Ind is based on medieval conceptions of a marvellous kingdom in a distant land ruled by a pious king called Presbyter Iohannes, Prester John. At first I envisioned the nation with later medieval ideas in mind, influenced by ethiopian kingdoms as well as Sheba/Saba of Yemen, but as ideas on Na’Ba took form Ind ended up more heavily influenced by the earliest texts on Prester John placing him in India or Ind. His kingdom in described in marvellous terms as a bastion of faith surrounded by heathen lands of wonders subjugated by the Prester King. The marvels attributed to the kingdom can unfortunately not be fully conveyed to Dominions, although we have probably gone farther to incorporate ideas into this nation than any previous one. 
Hidden Kingdom: The dominion of Ind hides ownership and province names, just like Fata Morgana.
Great Mirror: Home site that allows scrying on nearby lands (range 3). Ind can’t recruit scouts in their capital.
Virtuos Piety: The inhabitants of Ind are pious in the extreme. There are priests everywhere. All regular commanders are also high ranking priests. Even regular soldiers are priests and are able to bless themselves in battle (home only units are autoblessed and don’t need priests to be blessed). Ind can also recruit one extra sacred unit per temple built. 
Land of righteous virtue: Magnificent ind is a marvel of peace and prosperity. Even though the neighboring lands are savage and wild, Ind itself is a bastion of peace and piety. The order scale in Ind is always 3, regardless of the dominion settings. It is possible to dump the order scale and still get 3 order in the home province (although this might interfere with recruitment of foreign units). On the other hand the turmoil scale increases the number of auto-recruited savages.
Limited recruitment and increased sacred recruitment: Since all regular troops in Ind are sacred there is a hard limit on the number of troops that can be recruited at home. It is probably not a good idea to have a low dominion score unless you intend to focus on subservient kingdoms and heathens. On the other hand Ind can recruit one extra sacred unit per temple built. 
Savage tribes: Magnificent Ind doesn’t fight their own wars, instead neighboring tribes of heathen cannibals fight for the Prester King. 
Foreign-recruited Viceroy Primate (slow to recruit P3) and Bishop Vicomtes (P2) that can auto-recruit cannibals and reduce unrest where they dwell. Also taxcollectors.
Auto-recruited (by Viceroys and Vicomtes) cheap cannibals that are good at pillaging. Causes unrest. A high turmoil scale increases the number of heathens spawned.
Foreign recruitable blood mages that cause unrest and are heretic.
Subservient kingdoms: There are lesser kingdoms serving Ind. Depending on terrain one random poptype becomes available with a fort present in the province.
Plain, farm and some mountain provinces gives either: 
- Queens, Lady Warriors and Sorceresses of the Great Feminie. Skilled regular troops, but probably hard to recruit in numbers if you have a turmoil dominion. 
- Little horned men of Piconye. Similar to hoburgs, but do not have crossbows. Province is attacked by birds every year. Their king is supposed to take care of the birds. 
Highlands, caves and some mountain provinces gives: 
- Cynocephalians and the cynocephalian tribes of Gog and Magog. Gog chieftain mages and Magog shamen. Also gives Viceroys and Vicomtes. Probably the strongest/most efficient troops at Inds disposal.

Wastelands gives: 
- Giants trapped by a divine decree. These are on par with anakites, but they are not sacred and suffer from home sicknesses and are ill fit for expansion or warfare. 
Forests gives: 
- Knights, soldiers and crossbows of Great Orionde along with enslaved satyrs and centaurs.
Marvelous beasts: Ind has access to a unique summon. 
Yllerion: something like a phoenix 
Great Huntresses can auto-recruit lions of strange colors.

Ancestry of Kokabel: The sages of Ind trace their lore back to the ancient lore of the Spheres once revealed by the Lords of Civilization (reference to the three chaldean magi supposed to have taught Prester John his lore). Ind has access to the celestial summons of Ashdod and Release Lord of Civilization. 

-Na’Ba - Queens of the Desert
Na’Ba is a nation inspired mainly by three sources, the Nabataeans who built Petra; the pre-islamic arabic kingdoms, most notably Saba with the Great Dam of Ma’Rib and Himyar; and finally some islamic ideas of the giants of ‘Ad merged with the Avvites of Hinnom to create more of a backstory in the Dominions setting. Idols and Betyls, God Blocks, appear in nabataean as well as other pre-islamic arabic religions, but I also wanted a flavor of One Thousand and One Nights and arabic ideas on the Jinn in the nation. While most of the concepts of the Jinn will appear at a later date in the early age nation of Ubar, these ideas are present in the backstory of Na’Ba. The unexpected find of the islamic prophet Hud and the giants of ’Ad made me place more focus on the Avvite/Hinnomite legacy in the backstory of the nation.

Na’Ba is a more conventional nation than Ind. They might play a bit like Vanheim, Tir na n’Og and the likes with glamoured sacreds.

Hidden Kingdom: The dominion of Na’Ba hides ownership and province names, just like Fata Morgana.
Glamour: The Jann have glamour and are undetectable in their lands. 
Obfuscate: The Jiniri Queens can hide their entourage just like if they had a gossamer cloth. 
Vulnerability to Iron: Jann and Jinn are vulnerable to iron and take additional damage from iron weapons (1 point for jann, 2 for Malikah and 3 for trueblooded jinn summons). This trait is also added to the Sidhe, Tuatha and Morgen (1 point). They get +1 att to compensate for their loss.
These traits are a reminiscent of the truly unseen Jinnun of Ubar, the EA predecessor of Na’Ba that might appear in the next update.

National Summons: There are several rituals to summon different forms of Jinnun. These are the remnants of Old Ubar. Some of them are summoned with blood magic, which Na’Ba doesn’t normally have access to.
Foreign recruits: stealthy human camel riders and archers. Mages and priests of lower skills.
Cheap labs: 250 gold

Idol focus: A prevalence and rebate of stone blocks and statues among possible pretenders and a rebate to the ‘stone idol’ item. 

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2019-11-27, 07:47
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Jinn 的那个额外伤害不知道是直接加在伤害上然后减掉防护值还是受伤后额外+1,+2,+3。EA的时候还行,MA的铁器已经广泛应用了的说。。。
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