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> 二周年更新已出
2019-11-27, 19:17
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Dominions 5.38 (2 year anniversary)
This two year anniversary update comes with two brand new nations Na'Ba, Queens of the Desert and Ind, the Magnificent Kingdom of Exalted Virtue.

Ind is a fabled kingdom of marvelous riches hidden beyond heathen lands. In Ind every soldier is a priest, every priest is a bishop and every noble is a King.

Na'Ba is a hidden kingdom from which traders with silver tongues travel far and wide with luxurious wares imbued with ancient magic. Na'Ba is a middle eastern inspired nation where the rulers are descendants of a race of mighty Jinn.

There are also a bunch of new features, improved modding capabilities and bug fixes. Among the new features is an improved Ghost Ship Armada and prior searches being shown while selecting target province for site searching rituals.

New nation: Ind, Magnificent Kingdom of Exalted Virtue
New nation: Na'Ba, Queens of the Desert
New pretenders: Bronze Colossus, Wooden Colossus, Statue of Beginnings, Ilahat of Fate, Ilahat of Might
New ability: Iron Vulnerability
New ability: Unseen
Improved battle log for missiles/spells
Increase maximum length of battle log for 64-bit versions
Maximum nbr of installed maps increased in 64-bit versions 300 -> 1000
Battle enchantment popup shows who has cast it
Less filtering of main map, making it sharper when zoomed out
Prior searches shown for site searching rituals
New keyboard shortcuts in Forge screen
Flyers could get stuck when trying to attack units on walls
Ghost Ship Armada is now a real ghost armada of growing strength
Patrol Strength shown under the Precision stat
Undisciplined units now have halved patrol strength
Fix for advancing multiple rounds of combat with the 'n' key
Fix for God Vanquished message
Routing units sometimes failed to run in fort battles
Routing units will now sometimes take a slightly non-straight route
Winter Wolves now have frost breath
New longdeads for some nations
Dragon tail slap was used too often
Fixed memory leak in map editor
Expand all province borders (ctrl-x) much faster now
Improved spell details
New icons for kelp forest & gorge
Icon for Obfuscate ability
Icon for Corruptor
Improved cheat detection
Fix for commander queue resource exploit
Shortcut help screen for Unit Overview and Gem Transfer (press ?)
Commander only filter for Unit Overview ©
Red background in searched gems for untraceable gem income
Statistics in map editor now includes Team Starts
Sometimes a unit losing an arm could retain his magic 2-handed weapon
Magic Duel could miss in some circumstances
--tcpquery together with --nodonwlmods will not enable/require any mods
Sites affecting aging rate will now affect all recruited commanders
Unstealthy units can no longer raid out of besieged forts
Fix for item equip rules not being enforced properly
Black Hawks got Dive Attack
Event fixes
Typo and stat fixes

The commands #notfornation and #onlymnr can now be used multiple times
New spell commands: #notmnr, #sethome
New item commands: #clear, #unique
New nation command: #domsail
New monster & item command: #batstartsum1d3, #ironvul
New event commands: #req_targnotowner #req_targnotally #req_targally
New event commands: #req_targnopath1...#req_targnopath2
New event commands: #arena, #resolvearena1, #resolvearena2
New event commands: #codedelay, #codedelay2, #resetcodedelay, #resetcodedelay2
Random event text length increased 1200 -> 1400 characters
New special event texts: ##natname##, ##profname##
The '%' character can now be used in descriptions
Non commanders can also have retinues
#undeadreanim didn't work
Maximum nbr of events increased 6000 -> 6500
Speedup for random events
Maximum number of outstanding delayed events increased
Fix for shapeshifters in random event triggers
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