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> [V:tM] [汇总] 10级异能, 所有10级异能
Lord Ex
2020-06-09, 23:25
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Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 78 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 42

 This is a more powerful variation of the earlier Precognition power. Pulse of the Canaille not only allows the character to sense what will happen in a certain place and time, but enables the character to sense the current moods, trends, attitudes and directions in which entire groups of mortals are heading. This power also enables the character to sense who influences or controls the affected mortals, and to identify these secret masters.
 System: The character must make a Humanity roll; the difficulty depends on the size of the group being studied.
Entire World
 The number of successes obtained indicates how much is known, and may also show how tightly and in what ways the humans are controlled. If they are influenced by more than one supernatural creature, the character discerns all appropriate puppeteers.
You sense the mood and attitudes of the mortals.
You also sense the mortars' future and potential.
You know the extent to which the mortals are controlled.
You sense the aura of the being(s) that controls them.
You know who controls them, and why.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 79-80 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 44

  This allows the illusion master to trap another in an alternate reality. Until the victim escapes or is let free, she wanders around in a universe where everything from its appearance to its physical laws are defined by the wielder of this power.
 System: Use of this power requires a Wits + Intimidation roll (difficulty of the target's Willpower + 2). Three successes are needed to send the target into this reality, and the victim must spend a number of Willpower points equal to the total number of successes to escape. Note that the target really does leave her previous reality and cannot be found with any Discipline.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 131 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 81

  While the other clans prattle about the wars of the Antediluvians, the Baali have remained dedicated to a dark purpose: the release of their lords and masters onto an unsuspecting earth. Open the Way is the method by which this unholy act might be enacted, and such is the might and depravity required to use this power that it has only been attempted thrice in all of history.
 Fortunately, all three attempts have failed. The past is of no moment to the Baali, however, as they maintain that such setbacks only postpone the inevitable. It will not be long, faithful Baali claim, before they release the ultimate darkness to ravage the face of the earth.
 System: Open the Way is in fact a power and part of the Daimoinon Discipline. However, such is the intense formality of its use that it has become psychologically impossible to exercise this ability without an extensive ritual to "prepare" the Opener. In truth, Open the Way would function perfectly well without its trappings and folderol if performed by a Baali who did not believe in such, but seeing as none currently exist, the question is moot.
 The preparatory ritual requires a tremendous investment of time and sacrifice. In order to place the caster in the proper frame of mind, he must chant paeans to the entity he is attermpting to awaken, uninterrupted, for 48 consecutive hours. The slightest stammer or interruption causes the rite to fail, and may well attract the unwelcome attention of the entity being petitioned. At the conclusion of the chanting, the Baali must then make a sacrifice consisting of a hundred free, untainted souls. The victims sacrificed may be mortal or Cainite, but all must have a Conscience rating of at least four. At this point, the Baali summons and releases all of his Willpower, expending 9 points of permanent W ilpower in an attempt to shatter the bonds holding his master outside the world. If a Willpower roll (difficulty 10) is successful, the Baali becomes an empty vessel and the gate through which his master flows back into reality.
 From that point on, the character is no longer playable, as he has become an aspect of his foul master. On the other hand, the world now has graver concerns that the dispostion of a single Cainite.

Source: Clanbook: Baali (WW2817), Page 46-47

 The character is able to Dominate another so completely that the victim will act as if he is the character, taking actions just as the character would. He has in fact become the Dominator, and his personality has been infused with that of his master. A link is maintained between the two; thus, the puppet is intuitively aware of what the master needs and desires.
 System: A Charisma + Empathy roll must be made (difficulty of the target's Willpower + 2 [maximum 10]). The number of successes indicates how completely the target has subsumed the Puppet Master's personality into his own. This power can be attempted only once per year on a single individual.(译注:第1版中写明了使用失败也算使用1次,第2版中这段话被去掉了
Confusion reigns, but on occasion the puppet will take an action as the master would have him do.
Schizophrenic; the victim's personality is half his own and half that of the master (and very confused).
Save for occasional (but severe) lapses, the victim thinks as the master would.
The victim consistently (but not always) behaves and thinks as the master would.
The mastery is complete — it is as if there are two> of them. The player can, in fact, play both characters as if they are one.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 81 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 45

  This power allows the character to summon the soul of a recently dead human back to its body.
 System: The target cannot he more than an hour dead for each Willpower point spent bringing the target back to life (minimum of one point). The body must be at least 80 percent complete; however, even if the head is missing, the corpse will grow a new one. The third eye will shed such a bright light during this process that it will blind anyone looking directly at it.
 Note: This power will not work on vampires.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 135 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 84

 With this power, a vampire can erase all traces of her existence from the annals of time and mind, leaving absolutely no evidence that she ever existed - everyone simply forgets about her. Once this power is taken, the character simply disappears from living memory; not even her friends or family remember her. The effect is automatic and complete, affecting everyone in the world (except for those with 10 Auspex, or its magical equivalent). The character is not invisible, but is simply not recognized and not remembered.
 Though written references to the character do not vanish and videotapes of the character do not go blank, all who read the references or see the images will hypnotically overlook them (译注:第1版中该段话是“没有人会真的读到人物的相关资料或在电影上看到他。”)(though years and years later the images and words may return to their consciousness).
 System: When the character meets someone who once knew her, she must roll Manipulation + Stealth (difficulty 8). The number of successes obtained indicates how successfully the character has "vanished."
The target remembers that he once knew you, but only remembers one ver y mundane thing about you. How ever, that might be enough to active his other memories if he contemplates you.
The target is sure that he knows you, but knows nothing about you.
"Don't I know you?"
The target looks at you oddly, thinking to himself, "There is something funny about her."
The target doesn't even see you, the effect is still so strong.
 The effects of this power, of course, mean no one else will ever come after the character. A botch is something like a beacon, for it sends a signal to anyone interested in the character, letting the interested party easily track her down.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 82 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 46

 The vampire can remove his victim from this world and send him to the abyss from whence the darkness originates. None have ever escaped this doom on their own. What happens in the abyss is left to the Storyteller's fiendish imagination.
 System: The victim has no control over the effect, but the length of time the victim is held depends on the number of successes the vampire makes on a Willpower roll (difficulty is the opponent's Humanity or Path rating).
One Day
One Week
One Month
One Year
Permanent, unless the victim can somehow escape

Source: The Player's Guide to the Sabbat (WW2055), Page 67

 A character with this potent power can affect the dreams of everyone in the world (though she can focus on one city, or even on one individual if she so wishes). The character can send symbols, themes, stories, images - anything she wants, even nightmares.
 System: Such a broadcast requires a successful Wits + Etiquette roll (difficulty 9). The number of successes indicates how profoundly people are affected by the dream.
Don't necessarily remember the dream, but it may affect them unconsciously.
They remember bits and pieces of the dream.
It is firmly imbedded in their imaginations, and parts of it emerge into consciousness over the day.
They remember it all, and brood upon it over the day.
Many of them wake up screaming, and the entire dream is forever engraved in their brains.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 83-84 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 47

 With a great expenditure of vitae, the character can turn his body into an invulnerable ball of fire, burning and blinding all around him. While in this form, the character cannot be hurt by anything physical — whatever is not destroyed by the heat and flames passes safely through this gaseous form. The character maintains her old form and height, but her appearance is hazy and unclear.
 System: By expending three Blood Points, the character immediately assumes the Body of the Sun. Anyone or anything touched by a Kindred in this shape reacts as though it had been burned by a bonfire with the heat of a chemical fire(difficulty 9, two Health Levels (译注:第1版中该段话是“在抵抗骰上获得2个等级的伤害。”))。Almost anything around a character who assumes this form is destined to be destroyed. Cainites, however, have a chance to escape the deadly heat unless they are directly touched by it. It is almost impossible to combat it, and Kindred find it difficult even to look upon the character (if they do so for more than a single turn they will be blinded for one hour). A character in this form is completely resistant to any fire of equal or lesser intensity, and even sunlight will only affect the character if she botches a straight Stamina roll (difficulty 6).
 The character must spend two Blood Points per turn she wishes to maintain this form.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 84-85 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 48

  By using this Discipline to alter his blood, the character is able to Blood Bond drinkers to him
even if they drink only one Blood Point of his vitae only once.
 System: This Discipline will replace any previous Blood Bond with the newly forged one, but only if the new Regnant is of a lower generation than the first.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 121 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 85-86

  By placing her hand on the intended target's forehead, the user of this power burns a hideous brand into the target's body and soul.
 System: Anyone looking at a target marred by this hideous disfigurement must accumulate five Self-Control successes (difficulty 8) in three turns or less or wildly attack the target. This mark is so hideous that if the target looks at her own reflection she will attack the reflection until it is destroyed. The only way to resist this effect is to remain untouched by the character. To communicate with anyone, the target must remain out of sight, in complete darkness. The effects of this power can be overcome, but require powerful mystical rituals or the caster's blessing in order to do so.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 125 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 87

  One of the raret and most infrequently taught powers of Valeren, Heaven's Gate literally allows a Salubri to infuse a recently dead cadaver with the power of life itself without either Embracing or ghouling the target. In the golden glow from the Cainite's third eye, spectators can see the soul drifting back into the body it so recently departed. Salubri, needles to say, are loath to use this power for many reasons.
 System: The Salubri lays hands on the reently dead, and with the expenditure of 2 Willpower and a Willpower roll (difficulty 8), draws the feeing soul back into the mortal shell. Note that unless the body has been healed or otherwise revitalized in the interim, odds are death with retur swifly.
 Heaven's Gate cannot be used more than 10 minutes after the victim's last heartbeat. Any botch on the roll may well draw another sort of spirit — and not the one who belongs in the body — at Storyteller discretion.

Source: Clanbook: Salubri (WW2822), Page 47

  This is the ultimate power of Vicissitude. It allows the vampire to reform his body after it has been destroyed. The spirit of the vampire is able to take the ashes and rebuild the body. This may take years, but the vampire is almost indestructible. The vampire may not be able to reform his body to its prior appearance, but may come very close.

Source: The Player's Guide to the Sabbat (WW2055), Page 69

  This power allows the character to act as if he were the Prince of Darkness himself. The character
drafts a written pact with the target, in which the character agrees to serve as needed. This pact is then sealed by a drop of the target's blood. If the character upholds his part of the deal, the victim's spirit becomes a complete slave to the character upon death. The character need not roll to summon or compel the spirit.
 系统: The number of Intelligence + Occult successes (difficulty 6 (译注:第1版并没有给出难度)) made at the time of the pact signing determines how many times the character may call upon the spirit's services. The services, however, last until the spirit is dismissed.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 128 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 83

 这是一个被严格保密的、据称只有睿魔尔本人才知道的祭礼(译注:第1版中该段话是“这是一个被严格保密的、只有最古老的睿魔尔中的极少数才知道的祭礼。”)。The ritual takes an entire year to cast and a massive number of complex components to complete. The most important component is a large diamond bathed in the sun's rays for an entire, cloudless day and engraved with the symbols of life and death. This gem is then consumed on the final night of the ritual. It will stay inside the Warlock's body until it slowly and mystically decomposes after a period of Stamina + Occult (difficulty 4) years. During that time (or until the stone is removed from the caster's body) the caster is immune to fire, heat and sunlight. Furthermore, the vampire can remain awake during the day for Stamina + Fortitude (difficulty depends on the time of day) hours. It should also be noted that the elder's blood takes on amazing qualities because of the decomposing diamond — he who drinks a single Blood Point will not only gain the normal benefits of elder vitae (Discipline enhancement, increased Blood Pool) but will also be immune to the destructive powers of flame, heat and the sun's light for an hour per Blood Point.

Source: 1st Edition (WW2204), Page 95 and 2nd Edition (WW2206), Page 56

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