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> luce 每日 hard task日记, 萌新的daily爬坑日记
2020-10-17, 16:49
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Ug 腿的攻略都讲了大部分的ultra攻略,本萌新画蛇添足地说点 自己做hard 的过程,列一些心得也算是每日打卡了,随缘更新,欢迎斧正和补充 可能某日弃坑算是留个纪念 :P
任务npc 在 luce ferry 5 s ,5 e
ask cryllara about hard work

所有assemble 任务找商人和exchange 商店等的地方靠cash完成,不再赘述
 Get a wand of electrocution
There is a fair selection of arcane spellcasters amongst the Efiilas, mostly
mages. However, some of them are still new at the craft. However, there's no
reason to lowball their combat ability. A potent wand, specifically
electrocution, would let them contribute meaningfully if the need arises.
*get one wand of nothing from store then ask help from gwho mage_electricity.

 Interrogate the Feldspar merchant
Just as we're trying to get allies and resources from these lands, so too are our enemies.
We've received word that some of our adversaries are trying to
deal with the trolls in the Valley of the Kings. This could be an opportunity
to find out what materials they're looking for, so we can figure out their own
plans. Get that info by whatever means you can -- bribe, charm, interrogate,
whatever seems to be helpful.

 Place 5 helix spikes on scenic locations
Our spellcasters are working on a way for us to cover more ground quickly.
Their best shot so far requires a better look at the continent, which you can
provide by use of a helix. These are special spikes, thrust into the ground,
spread out all over the continent. Use the guide to make sure they are placed
correctly, and return the guide when it's green across the board.
* You can place the helix (affix javelin) at a scenic location ? on the map.
give green tablet to cryllara

 Kill a seamonster
It is not just rogue ships that attack ours, but also the larger beasts in the
ocean as well. Seamonsters and giant squid are causing significant damage to
passing vessels, and have even sunk a couple. We're done with that. Head out
into the ocean, kill one and we'll know a clear path to sail.
Your kill count will be lost if you quit, but not if you LD. Return to the
questgiver to restart it.
*find a squid in sea and kill

 Destroy 5 Famine ghouls
We're short on food, but it could be worse. The Village of Famine has spawned
a number of exceptionally ravenous undead, and it's possible they will come
here to eat our food, or our refugees. Thin out their numbers to buy us some
*Find and kill 5 ghoul in kundar-el-alam

 Kill 5 gnome/dwarf guards near the Two Towers
Our enemies hound us, sometimes directly, but other times by hiring others to
do their dirty work. There is a large population of armed dwarves nearby that
some of our competition is dealing with, and they have the funds to make a
very attractive offer. Defeat enough of them that the offer seems more risky
than fair.
 Get the Filtered Water Instructions from Dr. Oso
We have a lot of refugees to take care of, and that means a lot of water. It
would save a ton of effort if we had a method to purify dirty ground water
without wasting spells or individual effort. Stories of a catfolk alchemist
named Dr. Oso have reached us, and he sounds like the one you need to talk to.
*Finish AQ“coffee time”then talk to Dr.oso for it

 Get Spectral Dust from the Lanzia Cemetary
Our ritualists and mages need all the supplies they can get for their
detection and protection spells. Spectral dust is a common ingredient in both,
at least, where we come from. You should be able to scrounge some from the
remnants of undead battles. Try looking in cemetaries and tombs.
*Find and search a skeleton in lanzia’s cave


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