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> A newbie review for batmud
2021-07-11, 16:35
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After 5 months continuous playing, i decide to write this review, to discuss
what bat looks like for a newbie.
What mud attracts me is its easiness of implementing cool ideas compared to
most real world games. And batmud does very well in this perspective. I like
its guild combination, guild mastery system and unique contents for some
specific guilds.
But the whole environment for this game is not what it seems in newbie channel
for newbies like me.
First, bat doesn't have any chasing mechanism for newbies, which is a disaster
for such a game that runs over 30 years. Exploration is definitely not a easy
thing for newbies and i think they will finally end their characters in some
newbie areas, just like mmiao in 2019 who gave up for a year with 1m which
actually took me quite a while.
After overcoming the previous problem, you will find that batmud is actually a
p2w game in essence. A full stat boon means 4 highend stat eq, which is
ridiculous. What's worse is that everyone else has boons, many boons. So boons
just look like the baseline of a character.
Then, the secrets. Almost all eq that worth something in this game has some
sorts of secrets, aq, lq or some hidden quests. If i want to lead something in
some area, then i need to do some sorts of exploration. But in most cases, its
not for sole player. So i need some friends who can tolerate me wasting time.
Here are two examples.
One day, i want to lead SBS. Thanks for ssmud's walkthrough, I know I could do
it. Then i formed my first 6man party. Though it takes me some time to
actually gather the pieces, I know I could do it. So even though there are
deaths, I finally did it.
And another day, i want to lead hell's dojo. But there are no information on
the internet. So i hesitate. To explore it, i need a healer and a blaster. But
i don?t have such friends. So I need to find some members in wanted channel.
However, i don?t dare to. I don?t know what will happen. There is possibility
that i can?t even find the boss since i have no knowledge about that area.
So this is whats going on if a newbie without many friends gets bored of
grinding and want to do something different. Even though ive gathered my def
set, I can do nothing. Even though ive gathered my off set, which is quite
good (steel ring, nithem ring, krafti, sbs and something like these) as a
newbie, im still a bad off. This is what frustrates me most, i can do nothing
serious actually on my own. Hoping there are some kind one leading me is

2021-07-11, 16:36
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2021-07-26, 12:47
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10 Signs You are an Old Player

By Ceridwen

1) Your friends list is full, but none of them are ever on.
2) You long ago lost count of your reincarnations.
3) You have seen Anipa unidle.
4) You think boons suck.
5) You drop more places on the plaque than you gain.
6) You are afraid to open most of your chests.
7) You have partied with multiple archwizards.
8) You still try to use the 'where' command sometimes.
9) You find yourself siding with the wizards against mortal whiners.
10) You found these amusing.


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